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versacourt vs sport court

The problem was that since my building wasnt temperature controlled, the indoor tiles might trap moisture underneath them. Perfect for those looking for the top grade tile, with unmatchable features. Its important to realize the reasons a quote for a portable court might be much lower or higher. Multi-Courts; Basketball Courts; Pickleball Courts; Racket Sports; Volleyball Courts; Inline Hockey; Hoops & Components; Residential . . Sales & Discounts now has three main tiles, the Speed Outdoor, the Compete Indoor, and the Ga. VersaCourt compete systems are exceptionally durable and require little to no maintenance. The problem was that since my building wasnt temperature controlled, the wood floor would be subject to warping. Meet some happy parents telling others how their SnapSports multi-sport backyard game courts bring their families together every day in their own backyards. The slipperiness is similar to wet shoes on a wood floor. Its important to note that rubber underlayment is also an effective shock absorbing solution, and may be preferred to shock towers in certain applications. Shop from home at any time of the day. Depending on the age, condition and size of the court, it can cost between $4,000 and $15,000 to have it resurfaced. So we wanted to share a few tips with consumers to give insight into what really matters when comparison shopping for sports tile surfaces. A standard tennis court is 60 x 120 (7200 sq. Constructed to reduce fatigue and appropriately respond to athlete movement, players can enjoy extended game time. What a tile!. We know what quality equipment looks & feels like, having installed for numerous manufacturers, many jobs being replacements of failed equipment. The case is Connor Sport Court International v. Versacourt, case number 2:14-cv-00543, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah.--Editing by Chris Yates. We operate some of the largest volleyball events in the world, and our largest event has 180 courts! I use one near my home with my ballmachine and to practice serve. Neave Sports can handle your Flex Court basketball, tennis or multi-game court installation from start to finish. Engineered to handle heavy loads the 16 patented PowerLocks per module become part of the Superstructure when engaged. The most popular tile from Snap Sports is called BounceBack, measuring 3/4 thick. My wife and I quit playing there as the tile surface just created more unpleasantness than it was worth. Youll need to pull up the Flex Court tiles, patch the cracks and put the tiles back in place. Need Answers? When shopping for Versacourt tiles for your recreation area, the first question will be which one? Also, you can pour it to fit the court space exactly. How much does it cost to pour a concrete basketball court? VersaCourt Active court tile was designed primarily for use in building courts for driveways or parking areas. These are the main reasons we consider Snap Sports to be the best overall value in the portable game courts business. Create your own quotes for upcoming meetings, easily stored in your online account. The NBA half size court is 47 feet by 50 feet and costs $23,000. Thats around $3.90 a square foot. Tiles lock together and can be cut to fit irregular shaped surfaces with a fine tooth saw blade. Here is the biggest thing. I think either one of the indoor tiles would work well for about anything though one might be slightly better for some sports than others. As a result, we decided not to put in an Oklahoma City Thunder on our court for now. Speak with your Neave Group representative for more information, Tennis players report they can comfortably play 25 percent longer on Flex Court tile, How to Design and Build Your Own Amazing Bocce Ball Court, How to Prepare Your Backyard for the Perfect Playground, Backyard Putting Green Cost: 5 Pricing Factors to Consider. Sport Court is an the Official Supplier for: Explore Careers With Sport Court! SnapSports even offers a 7/8 thick tile option. They make a sturdy surface that can be used with our basketball court tiles. VersaCourt Solutions Expertly Engineered for Peak Performance VersaCourt delivers customizable indoor and outdoor court solutions that not only look good, but perform as well. #VersaCourt #Surfacing #SportsWe make the process of purchasing and installing a backyard game court simple. Court Layouts; . VersaCourt Game Outdoor Tiles were built for intensive play, harsh weather, and game variety. hi i am wondering how many people can play on the court ? Need help planning/designing your space? Call us today! Skip to content. Its a good mid-price choice but has a couple drawbacks. Goalsetter Basketball Goal plus wall mount review, Heating and Humidity for your Basketball Court, Nike Lebron XVI 16 Shoe Review for Old Guys, Shoot-A-Way 10000 Basketball Shooting Machine Review, Lifetime Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop Review, 90585 model. How well does Versacourt hold up? Luckily, the tiles are easy to cut, I just used a standard portable circular saw to do all the cutting (and a 4 ft T-square to draw the lines to cut). Its important to use a soft tread rubber, designed for underlayment. By investing in artificial grass, you will save money on water and lawn maintenance. Neave Sports can handle your Flex Court basketball, tennis or multi-game court installation from start to finish. VersaCourt is the most innovative basketball court system on the market today. That was for speed outdoor, I believe the game outdoor tile is slightly cheaper. Design a custom indoor or outdoor athletic court for your own home based on your own measurements and needs. We could not be happier with the SnapSports 50-50 Shocktower tile. Ive answered quite a few personal emails and would be more than happy to help. Meanwhile, I have only been playing basketball for . SnapSports sports surfacing has been independently tested by USSL, The official testing facility for the famous DIN standard; the most stringent standard for sports flooring systems. The primary benefit of a VersaCourt system is that its design drastically reduces the impact on joints and the lower back. I thought that the combination of air holes (to make sure that condensation didnt build up underneath the tiles) and grip would make it be ideal for my basketball court. Here in Utah we are the leading builder of home basketball courts, game courts, home gyms and specialty athletic surfaces. In fact this, speed indoor, and speed outdoor are all quite similar. Wife is not a fan. What is the Versacourt cost per square foot? Last, we could not believe how fast we were able to tear down at the end of the event. 110 Second Ave S B-12 Pacheco, CA 94553 Get directions Edit business info Amenities and More Masks required Staff wears masks Private Lot Parking Dogs Allowed 3 More Attributes About the Business Barrett P. Business Owner We are a total sports construction company. From big-name athletes to families like yours, folks are enjoying the benefits of FlexCourt high-performance outdoor court modular sports tiles. VersaCourt Game outdoor court tile was designed and developed for outdoor multi-sport applications. A multi-court is designed to accommodate all your favorite sports and games in a space the size of a tennis court. After experiencing first hand the average, bad & ugly in the portable court world, we ultimately selected SnapSports to exclusively represent for their portable game courts. From open backyard sporting courtss to closed all season multi-sporting courtss. The VersaCourt portable court system can be installed in a matter of hours and then disassembled just as easily. At Purchase Green, our products are backed by a lifetime warranty and are made from the highest-quality materials at industry-best pricing. SnapSports is also the leader in commercial athletic surfacing for every level of sport. The Best Court for Family Fun! Bring your backyard or community center to life with a multi-sport game court that has something for everyone to enjoy. Its innovative design provided the company with worldwide growth and in January of 2013, its assets were acquired by The Recreational Group (RG), one of the leading sports surfacing suppliers in the United States. How is Versacourt compared to Sport Court? Go over to pick up a ball againt the fence, touch the fence, and POW, you get a shock. Creating an account gives you access to all the best features of our site, including: Order & Item History And any anchors to hold poles for nets and hoops can be installed when the concrete is poured its a one-shot deal. Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: You might see bits of the asphalt peeking out from the corners of your court. Raquet Sports; 30x60 Pickleball Court; 30x60 Badminton Court; 30x60 Action Tennis Court; 30x60 Paddle Tennis Court; 30x60 Platform Tennis Court; 50x100 Tennis Court; We are the 'Official Court' of NBA All-Stars, AAU Basketball , USA Futsal . The 3 MOST IMPORTANT Features To Review When Shopping For Game Courts 1) Tile Thickness. Please feel free to contact us for free lighting design & advice. JavaScript is disabled. When building an outdoor basketball court, you can use gravel pavers. Hockey is a sport I've been playing all my life. Forgiveness for Lower Backs, Knees & Joints, Precision Locking System to Eliminate Gaps, Durability to Stand Up to Competitive Play, Unique Surface Texture for Natural Puck Glide. Through our specialized landscape design and architecture company, Lanmark Designs, RG will help you plan, design and integrate an ideal recreational surfacing solution. The compete tile is also the same thing as the skate tile. b) since my tile was indoor, I didnt have to worry about water (outdoor game tile isnt nearly as slick as outdoor speed tile when water is on it). Popular sport and game options include basketball, tennis courts, pickleball, shuffleboard, and volleyball. The oversized tile measures 15.75 squared and can withstand up to 60,000 pounds of rollover weight. So. Our VersaCourt precision locking system ensures a rigid, uniform surface that produces consistent ball response in all areas of the court. How much does it cost to build a multi sport court? In large cavernous facilities, where sound echo is an issue, rubber underlayment can help dampen noise bounce. Now if I had an outdoor court in a climate where it rains a bunch, then this tile would probably be the best option as it provides the best wet traction by far and would definitely dry out faster than the others. A simple floor mat would fix that issue pretty easily though. It was a huge upgrade over the concrete I had there before and it honestly made my knees feel better playing on it. Youll have to pull off the tiles, compact the stone and put the tiles back in place. For more information, please see our The nice thing about this tile is that you can use real leather basketballs on it and it wont rip them up. It does dry quickly and seems cooler in the summer versus a standard hard court surface. This shock-absorbing, suspended surface actually helps alleviate lower back, knee and ankle pain and reduce playing fatigue. Other than that, there isnt a whole lot of differences between the outdoor and indoor. The only problem is that over the past few years my love for hockey has drained and my brothers have told me how much they hated playing hockey. FlexCourt knows that any backyard can be turned into a sports arena . Was it worth the investment? I was then able to install all the tiles around the rest of the shed expect for where the tiles didnt lay flush. Contact Us anytime to request a bid for your game courts in Nebraska (Omaha, Lincoln etc.) It was a little weird, but for light hitting, it was ok. Thanks for reading our modular court review. Plus, its as easy to install as it is versatile. The fun, colorful courts allow one to Bring their Space Alive while the shock-absorbing, suspended surface reduces playing fatigue and provides consistent ball bounce for exceptional game performance. Shoot-A-Way also has a trade in program for those who want to upgrade down the line, although personally I think you could probably sell it for more locally than Shoot-A-Way is . Talk about having fun with your family. We currently install game courts for SnapSports in the midwest throughout Nebraska, and other select states around the country. Did it stand out or fit in with other landscaping? It also offers the longest life. Just email me at and Ill get the ball shipped to you. Half Court Basketball Kits H8 . Depending on a number of factors, the cost to build a multi sport game court can be as high as $19,000. The XGrass synthetic grass tennis courts give a safe, family friendly surface that brings tennis back to how it was played in the past. The tiles will sometimes move under your feet maybe .5" to 1" when you set up to hit the ball and the looseness is cumulative over time. VersaCourt designs feature a patented interlocking system. Take your pickleball game to the next level with custom indoor and outdoor pickleball court from Sport Court. From our experience, companies who are confident in their products offer longer warranties. Theres also an outdoor game tile that would have worked but I didnt go with it because: a) it was much more abrasive when falling on it. I then noticed a lot of my other measurements to the walls were also off. I would say that for me I notice about 1/2 difference between summer and winter over 44. VersaCourt Compete indoor courts provide a safe, durable, high-performance indoor sports surfacing system that is ideal for hosting a wide variety of activities. Youll need to have room in your yard or on your site for the machinery. How It's Made | VersaCourt Tile. If you notice, the pattern of all three of those tiles is the same, its only the holes that are different. Crushed stone is the least expensive option. Our easy-to-install, snap-together flooring is ideal for creating space for pickup games with friends at home. If you have the space available, a full-sized court that measures 94 by 50 feet (or 4,700 square feet) runs from $17,200 to $76,000. Quality assurance does not stop at turf selection, but continues into the applied installation methodology of the contractor. This increases the installation timeframe, and consequently labor costs. With both indoor and outdoor court tile options, VersaCourt has proven to be an excellent surface for both residential and commercial volleyball courts. A family with young children presented VersaCourt the opportunity to "Bring the Fun Home" to their backyard by creating this complete practice facility. Small Basketball Court Kits H1. 2023 Purchase Green A division of Path to Prosperity, Inc. All Rights Reserved. According to industry experts, adding a backyard sports court to your home can increase its value by up to $20,000. All the tiles would provide this support, not just the speed outdoor. Its actually hard for me to imagine not playing on it now. If you're interested in our VersaCourt installation services in Maryland, contact Capitol Turf Pros or call 240-454-3794! Its also important to use a 2 mm rubber for basketball (to minimize softness and maintain natural ball bounce), and 3 mm for high impact sports such as volleyball. Depending on the size of the court, the prices can range from $4 to $16 per square foot. There is often, but not always, a legitimate reason for it. We can even provide the high-quality hoops and nets for your court. Its by far the highest quality, while also being a good value. Convenience Wed be happy to give you our best price, and are confident you will be satisfied with our work. Finally I started looking at outdoor tiles. Dribbling glasses review, worth the money. i think i saw a thread asking about this a year or so ago. 1.877.881.8477. You mentioned in your review that the floor gets slippery when wet. Mix & match colors, add game lines and accessorize. Our patented material and quick construction make it possible to create high-performing courts for the recreational player or the seasoned pickleball competitor. When the roller flattens the two inches of hot asphalt, the asphalt oozes out at the corners, so the edges arent as clean as with concrete. When shopping for artificial grass, much of what influences the decision is personal preference such as color combination and the feel of the grass; and while those features are important, there are additional specifications that should be appropriately considered, too, to maximize the products lifespan once installed and in use. There are a number of highly recommended ways to get rid of slippery floors. We had debated about doing a logo but that was an additional $700 at the time if I remember correctly. I got a sample of all the tiles from Versacourt when I was trying to determine what I was going to do. The grip on the tile is similar to the other three as well, a little smoother than the speed tiles. Each kit includes pre-painted court lines and instructions on how to assemble your court. For example, if you are installing in a front yard, orient the blades toward the street; if you are installing in a backyard, orient the blades toward the property. Is the surface slippery when it rains? By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Start With One of Our Popular Court Kits or Design Your Own Court. If you fall it's like landing on a cheese grater. Join the team building champions since 1974. It throws your balance and timing off with its movement. Flex Courts interlocking tiles snap easily into place, so youll be out on the court in no time! Build a Court. haven't ever seen one in real life though. Flex Courts interlocking tiles snap into place over your base surface. Some spots had moss growing underneath the tiles, and some moss had even made it onto the tiles. This built-in give eases player joint impact and creates a safer athletic surface. Create the home pickleball court of your dreams, or install a versatile . I added this section into the initial review to show both a picture and video of this: The one thing that everyone is interested in is, how much does it cost? Master Basketball is your hub for basketball equipment reviews, youth drills, and youth coaching help. I have another post describing all the other tiles Versacourt makes. SportBase is made from recycled material and can be used in a Game Court system. By working with our sister companies Tour Greens and XGrass, we were able to create a little something for everyone in the family. Use our court builder to build your dream court for with FlexCourt for basketball, raquetball activities, and multi-game courts. By integrating popular amenities like putting greens and multi-purpose game courts, we transform open areas into space where families and friends can gather to play, exercise and enjoy life. Versa court tiles are about $3.50 per sq/ft, I can't believe slab is more than that to install. The modular court surfaces are comfortable to play on and provide great bounce. In addition, our courts are constructed from " shock absorbing tiles that reduce fatigue, which means that players can . Premium Sports Facility Equipment Supplier & Installer. Expect to improve your propertys value in a matter of days by having a lawn that stays green all year-round and has a 15 to 25-year life expectancy. But first things first: what is the best base surface to go underneath those Flex Court tiles? Popular installations include: Multi-Sport Game Courts Basketball Courts Shuffleboard Courts Tennis/Pickleball Courts Design & Installation So much so, that if you fall on it, I think it would scratch you a little bit. There is a team that cleans the floors of the basketball courts when the players are on the court. With up to inches of shock-absorbing tiles, players can go for long without complaining of exhaustion as the tiles reduce fatigue. Feel free to email me any questions as well, I try and help people out when I can. For more challenging, non-flat terrains, a local landscaper should be . Well luckily Ive actually played on an outdoor Sport Court, in fact I even thought about going with them to start. Practice Sports, Inc. - Premium Sports Facility Equipment Supplier & Installer. 18006643865 | Made in the USA. 1 Reply [deleted] 1 yr. ago [removed] and our That made things a lot easier, instead of having to assemble 2280 tiles individually, I only had to assemble 140. Its something you could add later as long as your tiles dont fade too much. VersaCourt is the most innovative basketball court system on the market today. VersaCourt indoor and outdoor tiles offer the perfect surface for roller and inline hockey rinks. I considered this tile quite a bit before going with the outdoor version. Wood. Below is an informational overview of the installation of both Ultrabase and Versacourt sport tiles. Understructure performs as a high impact shock absorber that reduces fatigue and injury to athletes. Made in the USA Whether you are a homeowner looking for a backyard basketball court or a landscaping professional looking for unique outdoor amenity ideas, VersaCourt employs an innovative, centralized design and construction process that improves quality, lowers cost and streamlines installation. Well good enough that you can park your car on it two years after installation. SnapSports top ASTM rating for sport performance and safe play by an approved independent laboratory. This should definitely highlight the straight forward process of installation. The fast-draining, open-grid surface of VersaCourt tile makes it an ideal choice for many applications that are not necessarily sports-related. Whats underneath is what counts. Did you try to connect with it's surroundings? We match or beat competitors like Versacourt, SnapSports, and Sport Court for overall value and performance for the dollar! Do sweat marks also make the floor slippery and does it dry easily/rapidly? That included the shipping which was about $600 of the total plus the painting of lines on the court. Sport tiles are one of the best ways to solve that problem. Repeated freezing and thawing can cause the stone to undulate, creating an uneven surface. My knees feel so much better after playing on this vs the concrete we were playing on before. The problem with sportcourt is that they dont allow you to install the tiles yourself so the cost is a lot higher. The court surface is cooler on the feet during the hot summer, gets real slippery when wet. To achieve a thicker tile, more raw materials are used. I have never been amazing at it, however, I am decent. For example, securing the perimeter line with 5 non-galvanized nails every 3 will certainly do the job, but is only recommended for light traffic areas. Now normally that wouldnt be that big of a deal, but in my shed with garage doors and stuff it would make stepping off the court a little awkward. Our versatile court systems come in a variety of color combinations and can be outfitted with any number of game lines. 80 Airport Drive,Wappingers Falls, NY 12590(845) 463-0592, 72 N State Rd #418,Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510(914) 271-7996, 165 High Ridge Rd #488,Stamford, CT 06905(203) 212-4800, (Commercial) 65, Kitchell Rd, Denville, NJ 07834 (201) 591-4570, 2023 Neave Group | All Rights Reserved | Contractor License | Privacy Policy | Site Map, *Some services may not be available in your area. SportBase is an alternative to concrete that can be used without heavy equipment. Any more experiences with these VersaCourts? The system allows for a more uniformed and durable surface that can withstand high levels of intense activity. The innovative tile design and our unique six-point locking system creates a seamless playing surface that allows for consistent ball bounce and response and unmatched playability. I was constantly worried I might slip. jumpers knee is a condition caused by playing on hard surfaces.

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