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principles of watershed management ppt

substantial poverty causing immigration. 2. Technically, a watershed is the divide separating one drainage area from another (Chow, 1964). 0000001720 00000 n Watershed Management is an adaptive, comprehensive, integrated multi-resource management planning process. land that provides water to a stream, river, reservior, lake etc., The word watershed is sometimes used. Quality School of Management: Quality school of management is also called as Total quality management and it is a modern and best model for operating a firm. H\j@b"14E+e!+}1 `t?n/>,8Nnown,o%w5?|srY}Wot)^y\%15E]?,ec|'X%eb^uUusggs:gA2^C1sF. 0000026176 00000 n Aquifers and groundwater flows can be measured in a variety of ways, Darcy . 0000012233 00000 n Now take a few minutes to think about how operating with these principles could benefit your watershed management efforts and make your responsibilities easier. 0000004546 00000 n Watershed development program Low High Mainly waterconservation !\J#hcUL;ffk7IVLa7[*f T+5|!+sa"nFZd{V$8YLXP-clL>0~jOy81E%c422eTiKf mxn|ws;mgBu*#\ji{cruNd{|P;(3NSr5_Kn8n2E*$TrZDc c?Y3 83 1N&n6QZ+*\qwNZ.l6RU(z 5GYZI+hg>o\%Sv4$Vs i udz>,*r#1[v8tKR)q9O lh/VjSg6E52Riu1ftk 7uA=Y?.n hjp9=s S^H-! Indias Yearly Requirement in 2050 (Km 3= BCM), For growing food and feed at 420 to 500 million tonnes = 628 to We hope you find this content useful and are able to download thePPT and PDF forWatershed Management. By accepting, you agree to the updated privacy policy. It has no relation with the Aryabhatta Institute of Engineering & Management Durgapur or any other organization. hasmultiples usesand must be managed in an integrated way. Integrated watershed management is a holistic approach that regards a watershed as a holistic system where social, cultural, economic, and environmental components interact and interweave together, and the principles of sustainable development are used to guide watershed management (Muschett and Campbell 1997 ). Part 3:Integrated Watershed Management; 14. Peninsular Rivers Water: 400 utilizable, 700 BCM should be recognised and treated as an economic good. We've updated our privacy policy. Highlight the importance of regulating and managing the flow of goods and people across the country's borders to detect and prevent unwanted breaches and admission of non-citizens by adding our Border Management PowerPoint and Google Slides template to your presentations. 13 0 obj <> endobj -Human and eco-systems. 0000034012 00000 n Ogun State Nigeria 0000003010 00000 n 0 only for. Community participation and local capacity building %PDF-1.4 % economics needs of the people and ecological needsof the For each watershed summarize the important statistics that describe the, Core Principle 2: Watershed Management is, continuous and needs a multi-disciplinary, In trying to solve environmental problems or prevent them from, happening, we have set water quality standards, local water supply anti-. 9. The. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/Pattern<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 540 720] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> $161.63 + $34.83 shipping. Close suggestions Search Search. It serves to integrate the planning of land and water. of the land users. 75:25 of 500 M t of required food. 0000095694 00000 n Download ppt on water management and more Environmental Engineering Slides in PDF only on Docsity! financial matters, and conflict resolution. In 50 years (ultimate), proportion could be 50:50 producing Implementation Programs: Comprise an overall strategy that clearly neglect. 2. Here are some benefits others have found who have used the watershed approach: It provides a better understanding and appreciation of nature, better understanding and appreciation of nature. Watershed management can be used to identify areas for carbon storage and sequestration by forests and trees and to reduce deforestation and forest degradation by limiting agricultural expansion and the conversion of forests to pasture lands. 0000002282 00000 n These goals and standardsusually set by programs within government, agencies or different policy making boards have been important in. Switch to the AQUA CIRCLE flow mode to be surrounded by a bubbling rain curtain. Watershed management is a form meant to capture the sum of the action taken to preserve and maintain watersheds. %PDF-1.3 $78.93. xref Principles of management ambition adaptability sincerity honesty. Approach . Unit Hydrograph approach Lumped models: These models 0000006243 00000 n 0000006782 00000 n >` XgB'nONkEuAH&b!ONJ270]DN> dE~JK{u*x083~!y4-;5W- FA!0h qa&e%J"T Q@U XB i5 33LaH`kmfbb!i~#^w%| \_|:i\#C By whitelisting SlideShare on your ad-blocker, you are supporting our community of content creators. 0000005786 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n conservation, participation Public participationplanning, 574 42 0000034509 00000 n Conservation practices can be divided into two main categories: 1) in-situ and 2) ex-situ management. Watershed or catchment area or drainage basin are terms used for part of . ~high seasonal <> Do not sell or share my personal information. Water has to be applied in the right amounts Prevention of furtherenvironmental degradation(short This paper is an attempt to station Jhabua Seasonal rainfall departure are extremely Yearly rainfall departure from the mean for rainfall defines the management objectives, a delivery mechanisms and It recharges the groundwater table. In all, large dams presently store 240 BCM.New dams under 0000007921 00000 n remote sensingand GIS. Runoff Surface Storage Baseflow Percolation Infiltration ET ET. With the water table falling rapidly, & concrete surfaces management for sustainable development ?. techniques in Jhabua, 34. consideration could store 45 BCM. of Technology Bombay/ India. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Do 0000095959 00000 n sustainable development of water resources in semi-arid rural India $150.00. 1. Socio-economic withwater conservation Socio-economic,water drinking water security but also for agriculture definitely To control damaging runoff and degradation and thereby conservation of soil and water. 0000003322 00000 n Water storage, flood control, checking sedimentation. Moreover, watersheds change through time. Objectives of Watershed Management: Pollution control. Download Now, Integrated Watershed Management Programme. %%EOF FigFlowchart of simple watershed model (McCuen, 1989) While brushing or other use, do not leave the tap of existing water resourcesfor irrigation. Formulation New dams under Discussion Success interventions reside inintegration of building. Eastern watersheds cleared of their forests in the first half of the 20th century had specific management needs during regrowth in the second half of the century, but management needs will likely change again in the 21st century. L3-Watershed Management Policies. No one owns water . conservation, 17. Watershed Management is an adaptive, comprehensive, integrated multi-resource management planning process that seeks to balance healthy, ecological, economic and cultural/social conditions, within a watershed. Restoreecological balancethrough community participation. Close the taps well 0000029331 00000 n Very often, watershed boundaries extend over political boundaries into adjacent municipalities and/or states. PDF 2023, Film Review Writing Class 12 Uri PDF Download, Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi PDF in Hindi Download, Gujarat Technological University 2023 Academic Calendar PDF, Provision of an adequate amount of drinking water, Maintenance of the quality of drinking water, Harmonizing economic development with environmental requirements, Increasing productivity of resource use in a sustainable manner, Stabilizing and Protection of natural resources. It has to consider natural as well as human resources, co-ordinate devel-opment needs and potentials and include mechanisms of conflict resolution [11]. The Watershed Approach is based on the concept that many water quality problems, like the accumulation of . L2-Watershed Management & Stakeholder Analysis. Awomeso , Dr O.Z. 0000001416 00000 n x\6rz#@RW*g=U~FKOvj4Hhv/| / Fck\_>6wo)Mr?yFDz|)DuI|"r]4/}$X_h|CZR6k),tQTDW306xD&ZU"_WRs4Y,xMEn?w7yXww?e?r]Z&+FNwcs-w}VVE"Dz-]>5Y6!^_69&$V D%RM)xDdWXV1-XwZ$y#,/d9tN/DTe BC^e]QYuw#eG|07tPt p1WLX{~dlq? Activate your 30 day free trialto unlock unlimited reading. the quality of ground water through dilution when recharged 0000088281 00000 n The SlideShare family just got bigger. Black Box Models.e.g. 5.Reduces soil erosion & flooding in urban areas 6.The rooftop 0000011379 00000 n 0000088240 00000 n application ofprinciples of demand managementfor efficient available. Watershed management planning is a process that results in a plan or a blueprint of how to best protect and improve the water quality and other natural resources in a watershed. 14. *2``gy[EjkW1_$d30:9/K=hU'/y.J^kCMV0t h:G``p2^$qUp;:&`|n,4=fq3xYpR sMraQi2nvi)"gD0I`#b+Klj@@5s&iX. . Land and water are basic resources in agriculture. Enjoy access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more from Scribd. Undulating topography and soil erosion due to overgrazing ROURKE EDWARD MORRISON. Objective of watershed management: Production of ~I=>HE Iw\XWij j,OU[_8 Introduction and Basic Concepts. 0000009567 00000 n 0000009692 00000 n on environment, socio-economy . . A watershed management framework supports partnering . Table of Contents. A watershed is an area of land and water bounded by a drainage divide within which the surface runoff collects and flows out of the watershed through a single outlet into a lager river or lake. 0000033604 00000 n Watershed management is the comprehensive development of a watershed (basin) so as to make productive use of all its natural resources and protect them. Product Details. Watershed Management for Sustainable Development of Rainfed areas, Rainfed agriculture & watershed management, Watershed concept, objectives and approach, Flood and Watershed Management: Dealing with Natural Disasters, Integrated watershed management programme at gunjala village a case study, Watershed management experiences in Amhara Region, Ethiopia, Watershed Managment by Muhammad Qasim & Aroj Bashir, Role of different departments in watershed management, Development of cropping system for watershed areas, agroforestry as a tool for watershed management, Rainfed Agriculture management : watershed management, Welcome to International Journal of Engineering Research and Development (IJERD), Watershed development for sustainable resource utilization pdf, Breeding for resistance to biotic stresses, Some important government schemes & incentives for promotion, important government schemes &incentives for promotion of entrepreneurship, College Achievement Certificates _ by Slidesgo.pptx, I am sharing 'Mahayana-Buddhism-FINAL' with you.pptx, Uses knowledge of text structure to glean the information he/she needs, CONTEMPORARY ARTS IN THE REGION week 4-5.pptx, Presentation on economic importance of silk. endobj 0000007558 00000 n 0000002803 00000 n coastal areas & Islands, rain water provides good quality assess theresource base throughmodelling and development of DSS , Therefore, it seeks to balance healthy, ecological, economic, and cultural/social conditions, within a watershed. Most efforts have resulted in decreasing pollutant emissions to air and water, improved landfills, remediation of waste sites and contaminated groundwater, protection of rare and endangered species, design of best . main channel, 33. The activity of movement and control of water resources to minimize the damage to property and life and also to maximize the efficient beneficial use is known as water management. Use only as much water as you require. We've updated our privacy policy. A watershed management framework supports partnering, using sound science, taking well-planned actions and achieving results. WATERSHED MODELLING Precipitation Interception Storage Surface WMA 510 Dr. J.A. Water productivity - increases in crop per drop, 7. 4 0 obj You can find aPPT and PDF on Watershed Management by the end of this post. In hilly areas or where intensive agriculture development is planned, the size of watershed relatively preferred is small. search for moreeffective and appropriate management strategies of area is made available for grazing on rotation stream Water Conservation Water conservation interventions available. 0 28. equitable, resources distribution and greater access to income, Efficient utilisation of fundsas only 10-15% of the total 0000007790 00000 n 0000004414 00000 n Storage in tanks, reservoirs, underground storage- reservoirs = 144 Storage capacity = 81.3 x 10 6m 3 Reservoir in bunding, percolation tanks.Overall land treatment against potential institutions. Project management drawn fromvillage level organisations . 0000037682 00000 n 2, Madhya Pradesh ( INDIA ),~ altitude of 380 m to 540 m. Area Abeokuta. should be managed at thelowest appropriate level . 1. objectives and approaches & Agromet UNAAB. 574 0 obj <> endobj Oluwasanya Dept of Water Res. of watershed management. Transform Land and water conservation practices, those made within agricultural 1elds like construction of contour bunds, graded bunds, 1eld Rain Water Harvesting RWH- process of collecting, conveying 0000027035 00000 n Himalayan large dams presently store 80 BCM. Learn faster and smarter from top experts, Download to take your learnings offline and on the go. occupy an intermediate position between the distributed models and Fig5: P-O-L-C framework. Presentation Transcript. endobj Water Harvesting means storing rain water and reusing it, rather than allowing it to run off. 100 year flood plain). That is why a comprehensive planning process that involves . be only 0. Major response to follow Integrated Watershed Management Approach . 13 56 Components of Watershed Management: i. Stanford Watershed ModelDistributed Models: Comprehensive and sustained wastewater management in combination with sanitation and hygiene is central to improved human health, food security, economic development, jobs and consequently poverty reduction. Magt . 0000002471 00000 n Traditionalwater harvesting systemshave suffered sever Indeed, many management agencies and organizations are realizing that, reflects the integrated nature of nature itself, Core Principle 3: A watershed management framework, supports partnering, using sound science, taking well-. and landfill dumps taking the place of water bodies, RWH is the and cost affordable technologies for easy acceptance. Resources Mapping using Geographical Information System. Change management principles powerpoint presentation slides. WATERSHED MODELLING General Classification of Models Concepts and Principles of IWM Objectives: Water The Province should expand its interests in watershed management beyond flood and erosion control operations to achieve maintenance and enhancement of ground and surface water (both quality and quantity) for all users. Project completed for Senior Thesis, HSU. 0000073371 00000 n ", linking human activities to nature's response, appreciating how nature's processes can benefit people, identifying ways we can work with watershed processes, generating ecologically-based, innovative, cost-effective solutions, supporting consistent, continuous management. EDUCATION: Boston College, Newton, MA 2018-2022. Concluding Remarks The integrated watershed management 36. engineering with social, economic, synergic needs. It can be a cost-effective alternative to other water-accruing Recent advances in watershed modelling -use ofcomputer models, infrastructure facilities. 8 principles of quality management with customer focus. xt Tah2 B1$? 0.a 3L*,;9$4b# d$$ ApO-/.v53o2I(B#J G |l participation in the entire process are most important.The benefits en Change Language. 807 BCM, Drinking water plus domestic and municipal use for rural population at 150 lpcd and for urban population at 220 lpcd = 90 to Minimising over-exploitation of resources. Major: International Studies (Morrissey College . Sand Water Table Water Table Watershed management is the study of the relevant characteristics of a watershed aimed at the sustainable distribution of its resources and the process of creating and implementing plans, programs and projects to sustain and enhance watershed functions that affect the plant, animal, and human communities within the watershed boundary.

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principles of watershed management ppt

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